Build your Gratitude Muscle

"Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough." Oprah Winfrey

Gratitude is like magic. It does a body and mind good. Creating an attitude of gratitude will lead you to more health and happiness. A simple mindset shift and all of a sudden your world gets better.

So how do we make gratitude our attitude? When things seem to be not going our way it may feel tough to focus on the silver lining, but with some effort and practice you may just be able to change your life for the better. Here are 5 things you can do to get started on building your gratitude muscle and attracting more of what you want into your life:

1. Write a list. Just like building muscle consistency is key.  Everyday write down 1-5 things you are grateful for. Start stock piling the good and learning to shift your focus.

2. Focus on the good stuff. The negative stuff keeps you from moving forward. Every-single-time you find yourself complaining stop and find something to be grateful for in that situation. Yes you may have to dig deep at times, but it's worth it for the big impact it will have. You get what you focus on, so I'd highly recommend focusing on the good stuff.

3. Express yourself. Once per day call, text, email or leave a note for someone expressing your gratitude for them. Start to cultivate gratitude in your relationships. When you see the good in others, your relationships will improve and transform.

4. Move your body. Walk, run, lift, skip, play, punch, whatever does your body good. And the key is NOT to focus on your body's appearance but instead being grateful for it's abilities. Truth is you may not be as fit, thin, muscular, etc as you'd like, but there are tons of people in this world that would simply love for one more day to move their bodies freely again. Don't take for granted the AMAZING things your body can do!

5. Be present. Yes we must reflect on the past, and plan ahead for the future, but life is happening in the here and now. Being present in the moment opens you up to the abundance of life, opportunities, and connections that are all around you.

Gratitude is a habit and takes time to build. Integrate these 5 steps and you will be on your way to being happy, healthy and attracting more awesomeness into your life.