It's okay to EAT!

The hardest point to drive home with my students is to...EAT.  Plain and simple you must EAT and fuel your body. EATing is part of respecting and taking care of yourself.  It's essential to living, training, thinking, performing, progressing and functioning, yet most women (and men) are terrified to EAT.


We have made food the enemy.  EATing is something that creates fear and anxiety in many people.  Though food is an essential human need it's shunned and demonized.  We deny ourselves this necessity of life at the expense of some unrealistic appearance based goal.  


We have been conditioned to believe enjoying EATing is bad. We are taught to control our appetites and that we cannot be trusted with food. We deny ourselves life's simple pleasure of the EATing experience all in the name of some bullshit beauty ideal disguised in health.  


If you truly want to be healthy INSIDE and OUT you must EAT! You must provide your body with the nutrients and nourishment it needs.  You must allow yourself to enjoy occasional indulgences.  You will find pleasure if honoring your hunger and fullness cues.  You will be flexible in your food choices.  You will be present during your EATing experiences.  You will EAT because it's an essential human need you deserve.


You don't earn the right to EAT! When you think about the idea of "earning" the right to EAT think about telling that to your child...maybe then it will sound as crazy to you as it does to me.  The problem is most of us have a disordered relationship with food that causes us to play games with ourselves around EATing.  


It's about time we take a good hard look at what we are doing to ourselves mentally and physically with this anti-EATing way of life.  The damage is real! You are sacrificing your health, metabolism, self-trust, productivity, pleasure and more.  


Look I get it, it's not easy...we are all a work in progress including me...I had a busy week last week, my eating routine was off and my food choices were out of my norm.  I had to eat fast food once, I wasn't able to fuel myself as much as I needed and I ate some foods that didn't agree with me.  It happens that's life! Now I am back to my routine, taking ownership of my schedule choices and eating experiences last week and excited to eat foods that make me feel good.  I could sit here and beat myself up, overtrain to burn off the "junk", deny myself food to make up for my food "indiscretions" or I can move on.  I had a great week last week and though it wasn't in the best interest of my physical health, eating took a backseat.  I am less bothered by my food choices then I am by not making a better effort to EAT in general.  But I realize being flexible with my eating and enjoying life is what's important.


EATing is meant to make you feel good mentally and physically.  It nourishes us on many levels.  If we could stop the food fight and begin to truly EAT I believe we would find more health and happiness in our lives.


And last, but not least...To drive this point home more I decided to make a new tank top for the gym (see above) that epitomizes this philosophy.  LIFT. PUNCH. EAT. REPEAT.  You can't lift, punch, run, work, jump, play, or move if you don't EAT.  We need to stop ignoring this ESSENTIAL piece of the puzzle.  Don't be afraid to EAT, it's your right! And if you are ready to help stop the weight loss, diet industry madness maybe you should rock our tank and show the world it's okay to EAT! 


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