When is enough, enough?

"Do you think people ever reach a point where the amount of money they make is enough?" ~Me


"No.  No one is ever satisfied.  They make more, they spend more." ~Matt  


"Yea when I made half of what I make now I use to think... if I made X my life would be good.  And now I make X and I can't help but think if I made more I'd feel better." ~Me


I work really hard to make my business a financial success and it continues to grow each year, yet there is this ever looming feeling of needing more.  If I had more money I could do this with the gym, if I had more money I'd travel, if I had more money I'd take care of this or that and it goes on and on.  


I think the same thing is true for people and their bodies.  If I just lose X pounds I will feel better.  If I was skinnier, I'd do/have X.  Then once they hit that point, it's not enough, they want more weight loss, or body changes. 


It almost feels like we become slaves to things we think we have control over.  Why are we never satisfied? What are we looking for? Why do we feel like all will be right with the world once we weigh X, make X, or achieve X? Why must we forever look outside of ourselves for validation? Is it love, acceptance, belonging, admiration that we truly want?


I think it has to do with fear.  Fear that we are going to miss out on something.  Fear that we aren't doing enough or we aren't enough as we are.  So we wish, wait and hope that one day we will be rich enough, pretty enough, skinny enough to be deemed successful, good, worthy.  


It seems that it was almost easier when I had nothing to feel content because I was fighting myself out of a hole.  The only direction was up, but not that I have had some financial success I fear slipping back, that quiet fear of failure sits in the background.  I remember this happening to me as a fighter too.  My first fight was easy...no pressure...go have fun, win or lose you gave it a shot and did your best and that's what counts.  Then with each win I earned the pressure mounted and I was battling the "you can't lose" mentality.  It's weird how being at the bottom can seem easier than being on top.  I guess it's that nothing to lose mentality that gives you the freedom to just try and be.  And truth is in reality we all have nothing to lose.


Look maybe I will never make a million dollars a year or maybe I will never be a size 4, but does it really matter? NOPE! What matters is my efforts, my character, my sense of personal satisfaction, my journey.  Sometimes we don't have any control over the outcome from our actions and the beautiful thing is our journey holds all the value.  It doesn't matter if you win or lose, it matters that you did your best.  You aren't defined by the money in the bank or the size of your jeans.  Be grateful for all that you do have and that will open you up to more, but when you feel that you are lacking you close the door.  


If my current life is as good as it gets, I'd sign up for it any day.  Would you sign up for your life as it is right now?