Coach Jess' Favorite Things for June 2014

Here are a few of my favorite things...for June:

1.  Chi Silk Infusion (Ulta, $24.50)

     This leave in daily oil is helping restore my damaged hair.  I use this before and after I blow dry my hair and it keeps my hair shiny, smooth and frizz-free!

2.  It's a 10 Miracle Leave In Product (Target, $15.29)

     Another savior for my damaged hair.  I spray my wet hair with this before a blow dry or if I am air drying my hair.

3.  Air drying my hair (FREE)

     Now that summer is finally here and it's hot and humid sometimes taking the time to blow dry my hair seems useless, it just ends up frizzy and sweaty.  So I am started once a week air drying my hair (I only wash my hair 2-3 times per week).  After I shower I spray my wet hair with It's a 10 and put about a quarter size amount of Chi Silk Infusion in my hair, then comb it with a wide too comb.  It doesn't look as good as when I blow dry and style, but I can feel the texture of my hair improving and it saves me time.

4.  Lipton Iced Tea (Target)

    In an effort to reduce my Starbucks spending I have gotten back into brewing my own Iced Tea. I love the Lipton Iced Tea bags and personally I think it tastes better than Starbucks.  I always have a pitcher of it in my's saving my wallet and is the perfect summer drink! Oh and of course I add sugar!    

5.  Mr Coffee Ice Tea Maker (Target, $19.89)

     Can you say fresh brewed iced tea in less than 5 minutes? Hell yea with this bad boy! It's my best friend in the summer.  Easy to use and easy to clean up! 

6.  XM Radio Station The Highway

     My southern roots have returned! I got a Sirius XM radio subscription and my radio is stuck on channel 59 the Highway! Love me some country!

7.  Deadlift Triples

     I LOVE deadlifts! They are probably my favorite strength exercise of all time.  They are technical and make me feel so strong.  I am loving doing triples (aka heavy sets of 3 reps) right now....nothing like pulling some heavy weight off the ground!

8.  Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Color in Blue Me Away (Target, $2.99)

    I have a small obsession with nail polish at the moment and I am loving bright blues.  I found this polish at Bed Bath and Beyond, but they have it a Target, Walgreens, Ulta, everywhere.  The coverage is super opaque, its shiny and lasts!

9.  Fashion Forms Strap Solution 6-pack (Target, $14.00)

   Summer = tank tops! Suns out guns out! I hate strapless bras and am not a huge fan of racerback bras either, so these little guys back wearing anything racerback more comfortable and stylish.  You can wear your regular favorite bra and pinch the straps together with these and you are good to go!

10.  Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix (Binny's, $4.99)

     Yea so if I could just drink Bloody Mary's all day I'd be a happy (and super drunk lol) girl.  But seriously this is my FAV Bloody Mary Mix.  And I enjoy one of these with some good vodka when I am relaxing on the couch watching my new favorite show...

11.  Madmen

    My boyfriend got me hooked on this show.  I am like a million seasons behind but I love it! I am not a big TV person at all but until my #1 favorite that he got me hooked on (Walking Dead) comes back on Madmen keeps me entertained! Madmen+Bloody Mary's+Sunday=Relaxed, Happy Coach Jess

12.  I like to HIT SH*T tank top (Our Online Store, $27.50)

     This tank is one of my favorites we have created to date! Knockout's like to hit sh*t and this neon green tank makes us look good doing it! (we have these available in our online store...check it out and order one today)

13.  UrbanHalo Headbands (, $15.00) 

     This new product we are selling at Knockout is flying off the shelves! These headbands are stylish, comfortable and stay put! Our Knockouts love 'em!


What were your favorite things for June?