You aren't Superwoman!

From time to time I simply find myself overwhelmed, confused and frustrated.  While I know there isn't anything major going on for me, these feelings signal me to slow down and take inventory of what's happening in my world.  Luckily, I have awesome people in my corner that will be honest with me, help get me through it and moving full speed ahead once again.


So here's the deal...


I absolutely LOVE what I do! And I am blessed and cursed with being an overachiever.  My work ethic has helped me get where I am today but it also can leave me feeling manic and crazed.  Lately, I have been feeling like I am running around with my head cut off.   The time and energy I spend behind the scenes to make my club work sometimes gets down right exhausting.  I recently hit my limit. I was trying to do too many things at once. 


Reality check aren't Superwoman!


Yes I have the help of my admin to run many of the back end tasks, but there is still a shit load of stuff I do and can't delegate.  I teach 22 classes per week, have client sessions, blog, film & edit videos, manage social media, create apparel ideas, work on business (customer relationships, reporting, marketing, etc) and the list goes on.  I want to have an amazing gym, a highly followed blog, tons of subscribes on YouTube and thriving online apparel store.  I want it all! The problem is when I do research to figure out how to make everything happen, I discover people with success at each one of those things, only do one of those things really well.  Bloggers blog, YouTubers create videos, online stores create products.  So I realized after some brainstorming and conversations I can't do everything well, I have to figure out the recipe that works for me that gets me closer to my goal.  


My end goal:  Empower women everywhere to be their best and live happy, healthy lives, regardless of body weight or shape.  


My number one priority is the gym and making it the best it can be. My goal to expand this club will only happen if I invest time and energy into making the gym and classes better and grow a team of staff.  The blog and YouTube channel are supplemental projects that help promote the gym and my end goal, but they aren't the number one priority.  Point is I have to prioritize and put the appropriate amount of effort into each.  


Fear was telling me I had to do more.  More blogging, more videos, more, more, more.  While on the back burner sits my task of re-certifying at a higher level as a coach.  I keep pushing that goal further back as the other things consume me.  My energy distribution was all over the place and there was no rhyme or reason to my efforts.  I had to be honest with myself, look fear in the face (ah ha moment: fear of passing this certification test making me not have time to study) and do something different.  



1.  Research: I researched marketing, how often to blog/create videos, SEO, etc. and realized that I have to take what is recommended with what is realistic to me, my business & goals.

2.  Prioritize:  I am shifting my prioritizes around to be more productive and have my actions aligned with my goals.

3.  Delegate:  I can't do it all alone.  I streamlined and systemized things with my admin and gave her some more clearly outlined tasks. 

4.  Decisions:  Something's gotta give.  I am not only a blogger, YouTuber, or Apparel the forefront I am a Club Owner and Coach.  I need to be best at that first, give that my time and energy and sprinkle in the rest.  I can't give everything 100% of my time, so quality will come at the expense of quantity.  All of this needs to work in a way that doesn't keep me from being a better coach and upping my certification (aka I need to make time to study).


Here's my plan to letting go of being Super Woman (aka living in fear):

1.  Pass along tasks that can be done by others in order to open up more study time 

2.  Streamline Knockout Apparel Design/Order Process to free up more time and energy

3.  Shift to blogging and uploading videos every other week.  I can't pour all my energy into blogging/videos, or force content and take up time I need to work on being a better coach.  

4.  Study and get that re-certification off the back burner and done so I can put more energy back into blogging and videos.  


Being passionate about my business and my mission makes me a little crazy at times.  I want to spread the KO lifestyle and philosophy with the world, but I need to remember it will happen in baby steps.  I also need to remember going crazy trying to do everything at once will not make for a good delivery or product.  I realize that coming out with so much content makes for not the greatest quality at times and it's challenging for our followers to read it, watch it, share it and digest it all.  


I'm sure many of you can relate to this in various areas of your lives.  Things get off balance and out of whack.  You feel drained and exhausted but don't necessarily feel you are getting things done.  You find yourself overwhelmed and like you aren't getting closer to achieving your goal but you don't know why.  Maybe...just maybe you are like me and you are spread too thin, not focused and trying to do to much.  Time to let go of being Superwoman! Fear wants you to stay stuck like it did for gotta put your foot down and overcome it.  


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