Shit's about to get real!

IMG_0340Our tagline is at my club is "It's Your Fight" and for each Knockout that holds a different meaning.  My only hope is that their fight isn't against themselves or their bodies.  Declaring a war or fight with yourself or your body WILL not end well and unfortunately most of society is reluctant to believe this.  I recently stumbled upon this profound blog post I want to share with you about this very topic. 





Here is a powerful excerpt from the blog post "Make Love, Not War": 


"Because what if you didn’t have that resistance? Well, it’d be chaos, right? If you didn’t self-criticize and guilt yourself and lard the internet with teary confessions about your cellulite and “imperfect” body, what else would you have?

You’d have to live."


If we stop this glorified fight with your bodies and the pursuit of this bullshit idealized body we will have to get real.  We will be confronted with all that we fight so hard to ignore.  Pain, loneliness, fear, peace, success and more.  We put so much energy into a fight that we cannot win.  There are no victors in the war on yourself, only victims.


It's fucking terrifiying to think of what you might have to deal with if you stopped obsessively working out, internal beating the shit out of yourself or stuffing/starving your feelings.  No one wants to do that, it almost seems easier to continue this horrible war.  


I won't lie ending this fight isn't easy, but like I always say about things that push you out of your comfort's worth it!  We must direct our energy away from the fight with ourselves and towards a fight of true, complete health and happiness.  We need to fight FOR self-acceptance.  We must fight FOR ourselves not against.  


So what are you fighting FOR? I encourage you to fight FOR things that matter like health, happiness, love, self-acceptance, self-respect, independence and anything you deeply value.  The good fight is not to be smaller, thinner, more ripped, more lean and as much as it has been hard for me to digest the good fight isn't even about being stronger, faster or more powerful.  The good fight is about being YOU.  Being happy and being the best you can be.  


I love being strong, lifting heavy shit, punching, jumping, and being powerful and at one point in my life my athleticism and my body was a strong part of my identity.  In recent years my life has changed for the best and though I still LOVE all of those things I now have a different perspective.  I fight for continued health, happiness and ability.  I no longer relish in being sore after a workout, I don't have to nearly kill myself during each training session.  My fitness level and body are not the same as they were in my "fighting days", but I am more balanced, happier and healthier than I have been in my whole life.  It's a process, I have days where I easily fight FOR me and days when I have to stop the battle in my head to go back to my old mentality.  I realize it's a journey and I'd rather spend my life being real, happy and not defined by things I will one day no longer have. 


So let me ask you again...what are you fighting FOR?