7 Secrets to Eating Whatever You Want (and staying healthy)!


“You can eat whatever you want!”

Yep you heard right, you are 100% allowed to eat whatever you want.  You are an adult and can make your own choices.  You can decide what clothes you want to wear each day, where you want to live, what job you want to have, who you want to spend your time with and so on.  It’s the beauty of being a grown ass woman (or man).  You no longer must do what your parents tell you to do, though that may influence decisions it’s not required.  This wonderful super power called “choice” becomes terrifying for so many when it comes to food.  So much so we look to people and things outside of ourselves to make these decisions for us. 


Now here is the caveat that many people struggle to wrap their minds around when they embrace this concept.  Giving yourself unconditional permission to eat doesn’t mean just eat whatever you see, in whatever quantity available at any time.  Yes I understand this sounds like I am contradicting myself, but let me explain.  When you truly eat whatever you want you don’t eat everything you can get your hands on, in mass quantities at all times. 


When you truly give yourself unconditional permission to eat and the power of choice:

  1. You realize that sometimes your want is emotional not physical. 
  2. You realize that giving yourself unconditional permission to eat healthfully doesn’t happen without the ability to feel and honor your fullness.  
  3. You realize that mindless over indulging doesn’t equal eating whatever you want. 
  4. You realize you must eat to nourish and fuel your body to perform they way it needs to. 
  5. You realize feeling physically good when eating food is what it’s about. 


Why is this so tough? Well that’s not easy to answer because we all have our own issues that get projected onto our relationship with food.  So if you truly want to embrace this concept of giving yourself unconditional permission to eat here are some things to keep in mind:


  1. It’s NOT about rebellion.  You must heal your rebellious inner child that has the “I’ll show you” attitude when given unconditional permission to eat.
  2. It’s about being present.  When you, as an adult, get to eat whatever your heart desires, it’s about being fully mindful and present in that moment.  You can must experience the satisfaction and fullness.
  3. It’s about self-trust.  Yes most people freak out when they try to grant themselves this wish, but you truly do have full control of your behaviors and must rebuild trust with yourself and food.
  4. It’s NOT about parenting yourself.  It’s about being a responsible adult and fulfilling your own needs in a healthy way. If you simply eat and punish yourself you are making things worse.
  5. It’s about dealing with your shit.  Yep it sucks, but you must deal with your shit or your body and mind will suffer the consequences.  If food is in some way a coping mechanism, giving yourself unconditional permission to eat is going to be challenging.  You must heal the feelings you are stuffing, swallowing, avoiding, etc. 
  6. It’s about wanting to feel good inside and out.  Overeating (and under eating) occurs for many of us, but truth is it doesn’t feel good physically or mentally.  If you can keep your attention on a desire to feel good, it can help you enjoy your eating experiences.  When you begin to be present and honor your body’s cues you’ve begun the process of creating positive, healthy eating experiences to build on.
  7. It’s about the power of choice.  You get to choose what you want and when you want it.  You can choose a Snickers or a burger or a salad.  It’s totally up to you, and there is power in that.  When you make choices based on your intention of feeling good and honoring your needs, you are empowered!


You can live the life of a puppet with someone else pulling your strings and calling the shots OR you can take the reigns and be empowered! Prison or freedom…what’s it gonna be?