How to get a Bikini Body!

It's gloomy outside right now in Chicagoland, but the most dreaded season for all women is upon us.  You know what I am talking about… bathing suit season! Every year us women get excited about the sun and warm weather, but we fear the unavoidable bathing suit in public situation.  It’s so dreaded by some that they will miss out on social and family outings because they absolutely refuse to subject themselves to wearing a bathing suit in public.  While summer is meant to be a time of fun, sun and enjoyment it also carries the weight of body image horror. 


Mass media makes this task even worse by parading ultra thin, perfectly airbrushed women across magazine covers, TV ads and social media pages.  You can’t go through a day without seeing your worst nightmare “the perfect woman in a bikini” in your face.  No matter how much you try to convince yourself to accept the reality that what you see in the media just isn’t real, you still aren’t able to reassure yourself enough to making donning a bikini a risk you are willing to take.


To add to the torment, enter the fitness industry with their insane, unhealthy solution to your problem.  “21 Day Bikini Body Workout, 14 Days Nutrition Plan to Summer Ready Abs” and on and on the bullshit goes.  Why? Because we are vulnerable, desperate and willing to believe anything that gives the hope of a body worthy of wearing a bathing suit. 


It has all gotten completely out of control and insanely unhealthy.  We need a shift!   Huffington Post said it best “A Bikini Body is just a Body with a Bikini on it.”.  I couldn’t agree more! No one can tell us what clothing makes us feel good, confident and happy.  There aren’t certain standards that must be met in order to earn the right to wear a certain type of bathing suit.  The problem is we have been conditioned to believe only svelte, thin, perfect body types are good enough to wear bikinis and bathing suits.  And it’s up to us to change this perspective to one of that promotes health & happiness.


Yes its tempting to click the ad promising to get you a “bikini body” or sign up with a trainer that is guaranteeing you a summer worthy body, but I urge you to resist this temptation.  I’d rather you give into the temptation to have one more cookie than find yourself in the seesaw of quick fix weight loss plan destructivness.  No matter how much you might be dreading putting on that bathing suit and how badly you want to believe the next fitness trend will give you your dream body, stop the fight that no one can healthfully win. 


Yes you are frustrated, sad, defeated, lost, confused, terrified and don’t know what to do, but the answer is not outside of you.  You must take a journey within and improve your confidence and put on the damn bikini no matter what body type you have. Want me to break it down into a few simple (okay easier said than done but worth it) steps? Here you go…


  1. Throw away the BS! Get rid of your fitness magazines and unlike those fitspo/body image destructive/weight loss focused Facebook pages you follow.  And if you have it in you chuck the scale!
  2. Accept your body right now! The body you have right now not the one you wish about in your mind.  The one that carries you throughout your day, hugs your loved ones, allows you to wake up each day.
  3. Wear whatever the heck you want! Bikini, tankini, one piece, whatever you like and feel good in and serves the function you want it to for your outing.


If you want to enjoy your summer and your life, you MUST stop buying what the media and fitness industry are feeding you.  Focus on being healthy inside and out and that my friends will take more than 21 days.  When you can start looking at the bigger picture of life verses the short term of summer, you will make different choices and you will be better for it (bikini or not).