How to make your body work FOR you!


As a coach in the current culture of the wellness industry, I’m sort of a weirdo.  I go against the grain.  I don’t follow or feed my clients the mainstream “health & fitness” message of eat less and do more.  Far too often clients and friends come to me sharing the extremes they have gone to in the name of health, or what is in actuality a weight loss goal.  People still don’t understand your bodyweight does not determine your health.  This lack of understanding leads coaches and trainers today to prescribe overzealous workout programs and restrictive nutrition plans that leave clients feeling powerless and defeated.  This pursuit of “health” aka weight loss is driving everyone further and further away from being connected to their bodies, a healthy relationship with food, a lifetime of being active and feeling empowered & in control.  There needs to be shift in how things are being done because what is currently happening is quite honestly a….


Recipe for “How to Make Your Body Work Against You”:


  • Restrictive Diets
  • Overeating
  • Overtraining
  • Being sedentary
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Refusal to let your body rest/recover
  • Mentally beating yourself up


Unfortunately, most of what we are inundated with in the world of “health” and fitness is nonsense that will do us more harm than good, yet we are afraid to do anything different.  Jumping off a cliff seems like a less terrifying option than stopping the “good fight” of trying to lose weight. We are in a constant battle with food and our bodies.  We have made both the enemy in this unnecessary for war.  Sure you may be able to beat yourself up physically and mentally for a while and see some results but eventually you will be left off worse than you started.  Keep this up and your body will not reward you with the results you desire instead you will win a slowed metabolism, weight gain, overuse injuries, stress, tiredness, frustration, feeling out of control and unhappiness!


Maybe it’s time you called a truce with your body & food and figured out how to make both work for you vs. against you!


10 Things You Must Master to Get Your Body Working For You:


  1. Sleep:  You must allow your body (and mind) to rest in order for both to work for you.  No one and nothing is productive when tired and rundown. 
  2. Eat:  Feed your body.  Eat when you are hungry.  Go on a journey of figuring out what foods make your body feel great and give you fuel. 
  3. Move:  Our bodies are meant to move.  The unfortunate side effect of the development of society is we have become increasingly sedentary, so we must make more of an effort to stay active.  Walking, running, lifting, punching, dancing, kicking, hiking, swimming…whatever makes you feel strong, energized and alive, do that.  Stop worrying about if it will make you lose weight…Just move!
  4. Stretch:  Take time to stretch your body even if its one minute a day.  Our bodies don’t function as effectively when they are stiff and inflexible, so take a moment to stretch…it does a body good!
  5. Focus:  You body will work for you if you focus on the task at hand, distracted exercises or tasks won’t get you where you want to be. 
  6. Heal:  Let your body heal and recover from injury, illness and training.  You don’t need to push yourself to a level of pain and exhaustion.  Also realize you must heal your relationship with food.  If you aren’t able to eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full and enjoy unconditional permission to eat chances are you have an unhealthy relationship with food that needs some TLC.
  7. Persist:  Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day…it takes time to make any type of LASTING change.  You must persist with patience.  Consistent effort over time with small progressions is what makes your body improve NOT quick fixes!
  8. Shift:  Work on shifting your focus from weight loss (or inches or size) to health.  When you focus on taking care of your body and making it healthy you will find more joy in eating and moving.  (Remember weight and health are not causally related)
  9. Connect:  Connect with your body’s cues.  Hungry, Fullness, Pain, Strength, etc.  The more intuitively connected you can become to your bodily cues the more your body will work for you.  You will know what it needs, when it needs it!
  10. Accept:  Stop the fight! Let go of the unrealistic ideal you see in the media!  Accept yourself fully and work on becoming the best you! Not a thinner, smaller version of you, simply the happiest, healthiest you!


“It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it”.  Real change is freakin’ hard! Fighting against these ridiculous norms of thinness, the pursuit of physical perfection and pushing your body to extremes is tough work.  Most people around won’t understand why you aren’t following suit if you choose this mission.   Your fight has now become to make your body work for you not against you!


Today’s society is obsessed with weight loss and pushing your body to it’s limits and while an extreme challenge is fun once in a while, most people are unaware of the damage they are doing with this type of lifestyle.  Dieting, restrictive eating, punishing workouts, and a disregard for rest and recovery equals a recipe for disaster mentally and physically.  Your body will fight back the whole time and it doesn’t have to be that way.  If you can find the courage to do the 10 things above, over time your body will thank you and give you strength, health, happiness and a full life you deserve. Take advantage of the healthy, able days you are given!