Plateau...aka Maintenance Phase

Ah yes that lovely little thing we call a plateau...when you have been working hard at something and experiencing gains/progress and all of a sudden progress seems to stop and you can't quite get it going again.  Whether you are in the gym working hard to get stronger, more skilled or feel your best, or you are working at a career or life goal you will hit bumps and plateaus along the way.  I like to think of plateaus as unscheduled, it's that phase when you just have to keep on truckin' but you feel like you are going nowhere? Yea not super fun, but incredibly important and powerful! You feel frustrated, maybe lost or confused and sometimes like you want to quit, it feels like the universe is testing your commitment. 


When it comes to being a business owner, I thought after 7 years of living in the land of enterpenueralism I would reach a point where I am comfortable with plateau's and the maintenance phase...and well...I'm not. I struggle with this piece of business ownership.  I can handle the growth and even the struggles, but that time when you are just mosing along I'm not so good at.  


It's tough to sit and let things settle in.  Most of us are so use to and comfortable with pushing, striving, going and going and going that we forget all that hard work needs time to settle in.  It's just like how the body progresses in makes changes during your rest times.  I find this to be true in life and business.  I love working, being proactive, problem solving, figure things out, making things work and manifesting my dreams so when the waves slow down and my role is simply to sit back and maintain what I have created I kinda internally freak out.  I want to "DO", I want to make things happen, but I am realizing sometimes that is not what I am suppose to do or what is needed at that time. Sometimes I need to just be and master what I have created to the current point.


When I get on a roll and things are moving I want to keep going. So when things seem to slow to a steady pace I am out of my comfort zone.  Enter the opporutnity to master patience, maintenance and consistency.  Things won't always happen on your schedule, gains/progress won't always come at a fast pace and sometimes you just need to get good at being where you are at.  Sort of a lesson in acceptance and being present.  My natural inclination is to fight harder, keep pushing, find a way to keep the momentum going at the rate it had been going, but I end up exhausted.  I fear that slow movement forward and those invisible results that are occuring under the surface with my consistent efforts are enough.  But truth is they are.  Training, life and business all flow at variable rates as we move forward.  It will not always be full speed ahead, and it can't be because if it is was we would burn out and crash.  So as challenging as it may be, I am finding the strength to just be.  I will ride the wave when it is high and then coast along until the next wave comes.  


We often forget that having times when things are NOT crazy, reved up and in overdrive allows us time to soak in what we've accomplished.  We get the opportunity to master the state of being or level of achievement we have brought ourselves to.  And we get to enjoy it and live.  Life has a funny way of giving us exaclty what we need when we need it (even if we try and fight it initially).  So my advice when things are moving and flowing go with it and when they settle in and the pace slows go with it.  Learn like I am to maintain what you have create so when its time for more you are ready!