Time to take a break...me time!

AboutMe"When is the last time you took a vacation?" I have gotten this question from many of my students as I prepare for my upcoming mini-vaca.  My answer, "About 7 or 8 years ago." Yes I know that is crazy, but it's true.  Since owning my own business for the past 7 plus years and going through some financial and life ups and downs I haven't made the time to get away.  And honestly it's taken a toll on me.  I can sense the feelings of burn-out and stress creeping in.


I am one of those over-productive, neurotic, workaholic types.  I keep going and going despite my body or mind telling me to stop.  While over the years I have made vast improvements in giving my body a break with training and taking scheduled recovery times off, I will be honest and say I pretty much suck at taking mental breaks.  I know I need the breaks, I just struggle to make it a priority and take them.


Other than being sick with the flu last year for a week and traveling to fight in a tournament a few years back I have never stepped away from the gym/my business unless it was a holiday (gym closed day).  And even though it's not easy for me to make time off happen, I have finally realized it's necessary.  Being a solo entreupeneur with minimal staff (my admin and 1 volunteer coach) makes taking a vacation not so easy.  Plus add in my own reservations about leaving my "baby" aka my business for the first time for my own enjoyment and needless to say I'm a bit nervous (and excited of course).  


I know taking breaks are important.  I encourage all my students to take rest days from training and encourage them to take care of themselves physically and mentally with recovery, rest, and relaxation.  I know the huge benefits of getting away and taking a break.  Yet as we all can relate to knowing and doing are two different beasts.  


So with the support and encouragement of my boyfriend, my staff and my amazing students I am finally taking a much needed vacation! Yes... four and a half days of me time! Time to unplug, relax and for a moment in time not worry or think about my business (well that's the goal anyways).  


Yes my business is my livelihood and one of my top priorities, but I have come to realize I need space from it from time to time.  I need to give myself a break and not let my business consume me and be my life.  Even though I take huge pride in what I do and serving my students, I am learning to be the best Coach Jess I can be, I need Jess time too!


Taking this time off will give me the downtime, stress relief, space and change of scenery I need to recharge.  I am looking forward to returning refreshed and ready to go.  I am excited about letting my mind focus on other things so my creativity can bloom and I can be inspired.  I tend to be so super focused and tunnel vision that I lose perspective.  I need to step outside of my business for a few days and come back with new eyes.  I need to get out of my day to day routine and shake things up so I am more energized and thinking clearly.  It's so easy to get stuck in the daily grind and I needed to force myself to step out of it. 


If you are anything like me and aren't so good at giving yourself time off, take a risk like I am and make taking a break a must.  Life is about working AND playing.  I enjoy my career and am blessed that I found my passion.  I now realize doing what you were born to do doesn't mean you can't also take a break from it, in fact you must take a break or it will consume you and you may end up resenting it.  


This trip represents a step forward in my goal towards freedom.  I am no longer willing to focus on the sacrifice needed to make a dream come true, instead it's time to focus on the freedom I can create for myself and others through my dream.  So thank you to my amazingly supportive and dedicated students and staff for making this step in my personal development a possibility.  My hope is that Knockout gives you a break and necessary "me" time during each visit that allows you to be a better you!