Get Comfortable!

punchingscaleIf you are a student at my club or follow my blog you know that I am a HUGE proponent of throwing away your scale! Weighing yourself does you zero good physically or mentally! For most people getting rid of their scale and ending the habit of regular weigh ins is huge risk!



I often hear things similar to the following when I encourage someone to kick that scale to the curb...(any of these sound familar to you?)...

"How will I know if I am making progress?"


"I will let myself go if I don't weigh myself regularly!" 


"I will get fat if I throw away my scale!"


"I won't know how to eat if I don't let my weight dictate my food choices."


Truth is body weight is the worst indicator of your "progress" with or the current state of your fitness & health. Your scale won't tell you anything about the composition of your body.  Nor does it tell you how hard you've worked at getting stronger or better at your sport.  The scale gives you no data about how much more awesome you are since you have been making healthy choices.  


So maybe you have found the courage to step off the scale and even throw it in the trash...huge high five for taking charge of your physical and mental health! Now that you have taken that huge step you must be cautious about replacing weighing yourself with another diet mentality tool...KEEPING SKINNY CLOTHES! You know what I mean, keeping those jeans that don't fit comfortably and using them as a gauge of your "progress".  This is exactly the same as weighing yourself.  That pair of jeans in your closet that doesn't fit your current body comfortably is silently yelling at you that you aren't good enough or thin enough.  


As hard as it may be we must stop this keeping skinny clothes habit too!  We must respect the current body we have and dress it comfortably and in a way that we like & represents our style.  I would recommend tossing those skinny clothes out with the scale (or if you can't bare to do that hide them, give them away, or do something that will help you get them out of your mind).  No matter your body shape, weight or size you deserve to be comfortable and stylish.  Forcing yourself into clothes that don't fit will not make you feel good AND keeping clothes around that don't fit as a new way to beat yourself up and keep you in a diet mentality will continue you down a path of self hatred! 


I know it's hard! I recently had to purchase new jeans 2 sizes bigger than I have ever been.  And now that I am comfortable in my clothes again and have options of things to wear that fit, I am happier! The size doesn't matter, what matters is that I feel comfortable and good about how they look to me.  When I was still trying to squeeze into the jeans I had that were pretty snug I felt like shit! I was pissed off and frustrated and keeping those clothes around did nothing for my body image or self-esteem.  The moment I got into clothes that fit...I felt like me again.  


Look our lives change, our lifestyles change, our bodies change, we must respect our body at each phase of our lives and take care of it.  If we stop focusing on weight and sizes and start focusing on taking care of the body we have, we will be happier & healthier inside and out! 


So what do you think? Can you ditch the scale and your "skinny clothes"?