We all have needs!



Yep that’s right we all have needs! Problem is we often spend more time ignoring and denying those needs then respecting and honoring them.  And when it comes to dieting, weight loss and the pursuit of unrealistic physical perfection our basic needs drop to the bottom of our priority list.  Why? Because reaching an unhealthy, unrealistic body goal almost always requires extreme measures including denying yourself food, sleep/rest, and exercise that results in you feeling good vs. worn out. 


No matter your body size you deserve to be:


-Treated with dignity

-Dressed comfortably and in a manner you enjoy

-Touched affectionately and with respect

-Comfortable when moving

 (from Intuitive Eating, p.170)


Ironically enough despite the fact that our basic needs are essential to life, we don’t honor them.  We would never deny our children, loved one, or pet the fulfillment of the basic needs we deny ourselves. While dieting wants you to believe there is glory, honor and a feeling of success in not meeting your basic needs, the truth is there is no glory in doing so and all this does is lead you down a path of misery, resentment and unhappiness (regardless of body size).  


How often had have you said to yourself or heard someone say, “I’m too fat to eat that” or “I exercise so I can eat”, "I can't go to that event because I will look fat", "I have to workout even if I'm sick if I want to keep losing weight"? This breaks my heart! We all deserve to be fed and our bodies respected…NO MATTER WHAT SIZE YOU ARE! We don’t earn the right to eat and enjoy food…This is a basic human need! Dieting is all about denying your basic needs and not respecting your body!  


It’s easier said then done but in order to live a full, happy, healthy life we must being honoring our basic needs.   We must feed ourselves, rest when we need it, set boundaries, move our bodies in a way that feels good and be kind to ourselves.  Let’s start treating ourselves and our bodies with respect we deserve!