Supporting National Eating Disorder Awareness Week!



This week is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week! As a former eating disorder therapist and huge advocate of anti-dieting, Intuitive Eating, and ridding the society of the obsession with physical perfection I feel it’s my job to aid in bringing awareness to eating disorder and disorder eating.  Over 24 million Americans are suffering from an eating disorder and numbers continue to rise.  While the US is on this crusade to end obesity, more and more people are finding themselves battling a life threatening eating disorder.


When 95% of dieters will regain the lost weight within 5 years and 35% of “normal dieters” will progress to pathological dieting, it’s incredible that our country continues promoting this madness of dieting, physical perfection and thin equaling healthy.  We have completely distorted the ideas health and beauty.  We are dying to be thin, when thin has never been proven to be the indicator of health.


Truth is:

  • Health and beauty come in all shapes and sizes
  • Dieting doesn’t work
  • The body image and confidence of young boys & girls is declining
  • Eating disorders are becoming more prevalent


Yes, it’s normal to have moments when you are unhappy with your body or appearance.  We all go through that experience, yet now those fleeting moments of dissatisfaction have become obsessive efforts to meet some unhealthy and unrealistic expectation set by the media (and the government).   Someone unhappy with their body can begin what appears to be an “innocent” or seemingly healthy diet to later find themselves in the midst of disordered eating and a possible eating disorder.


The reality is there is a fine line between disordered eating and eating disorders.  And though diets aren’t the only precursors to either, they cause more harm then most dieters realize.  So next time you look in a magazine, consider the latest fad diet, or start a weight loss based exercise regime think about the long term effects of what you are about to embark on.  What if instead of dieting you decided to work on being proud to be you, the best version of you you can be?


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