Mission: Body Bashing to Self-Acceptance

25115179ba3e399ef370720982641e38Knockout Women's Boxing Club is a unique place, we have no scales, we don't believe in diets and we promote positive body image.  My goal has always been to create an environment of acceptance, no judgements, compassion and respect.  I want ever woman that walks through the doors to feel safe, comfortable and accepted.  I always say I don't expect all the girls to like each other, but I do expect everyone to respect each other and their differences.


We attract women of all shapes, sizes, weights, ethincities, backgrounds, etc.   We work hard to empower women of all walks of life.  And we are on a freakn' mission to knockout dieting and rid the world of body bashing and unrealistic expcetations of beauty. Yes this is a lofty task, but it's why I was put on this planet.


Unfortunately, women (and men) are innudated with loads of bullshit everday about what beauty and success are and should look like.  We live in a world where perfection has trumped progress and what you look like is more important than who you are. This "you aren't good enough" way of the world is causing emotional and biological damage and needs to be stopped.



There are a magnitude of reasons we all continue to buy into this idea of physical perfection and it's a battle everyday to fight these unrealistic messages.  The sad thing is we are all striving for something that is not real and truly meaningless.  Our obsession with our bodies and looks is destroying our self-trust, our true beauty and our joy in life. Yes I 100% understand it is not easy to reject all the distroted images and ideas shoved in your face, but in my opinoin you can't afford not to fight this battle.


Look the truth is women (and men) come in all different shapes and sizes.  Beauty isn't perfection.  Who you are and your true beauty isn't skin deep.  Health isn't define by weight.  What makes a person truly beautiful is more than the flawlessness of their skin or the size of their waist.  Think about people you love and consider beautiful and I gaurantee they don't look like the airbrushed cover model you are striving to become. 


We need to start a movement, a revolution where being yourself and the best "you" you can be is strived for instead of being thin and flawless.  Our flaws makes us unique and beautiful inside and out.  And hell why would we want to all look the same anyways, hello creepy and boring.  It is in our imperfections,our vulnerabilities where we are truly human and real and that is where happiness and love is found.


If we continue looking outside of ourselves for validation that we are "good enough" we will forever be unhappy.  We must start to look within.  We must trade in body bashing for self-acceptance.  We must trade in diets for intuitive eating.  We must trade in the weight loss mindset for health.  We must trade in the pursuit of physical perfection for self-respect.


At Knockout Women's Boxing Club we are a NO BODY BASHING ZONE! When we hear a woman talking negatively about her body we address it by encouraging them to shift their focus and respect their body.  It's not easy!  We are conditioned to hate on our bodies and selves.  It's unfortunately now normalized to have conversations were all you do is criticize your body and dissect your imperfections.  Yes of course we all will never be 100% happy with ourselves that isn't realistc either, but we can work at being more accepting and respectful towards ourselves and others.  We want our club to be a place that promotes this type of transformation, the transformation within.  I don't define my credibility or success as a trainer by seeing my clients drop weight, I feel success when I hear a woman tell me they don't hate themselves anymore, they feel stronger and happier, or they now exercise becuase they enjoy it not because they have to for weight loss.  Those are the type of things that change your life people! So if you ever step foot in my club, I understand your desire to loss weight and your pursuit of perfection, but my hope is that I can inspire you to shift your focus and instead work towards being the best you can and living a full, happy life!


Check out this video of women that were photoshopped to look like cover models and their reactions!