For the LOVE of Training!

DSC06101-EditWe all get burnt out, unmotivated and lose our passion to train and move our bodies.  Even athletes experience this from time to time.  It can be a challenge to stay in the game and stay excited about your sport.  But it's even tougher to stay active when the only reason you train, workout, exercise (whatever you want to call it) is because you want to lose weight.


Most of my life I have been absolutely in LOVE with training.  It fuels me.  I am passionate about getting stronger, faster and seeing what my body can do.  And for most of my life I never really gave a second thought to what my body looked like or my weight (unless I was fighting and had to make a certain weight).  I just loved training and my physique was a by-product of genetics & me moving my body regularly.  For some reason with training consistency has always came easy to me.  I just could never imagine my life without movement & training, it makes me feel alive.


If you read my blog post from 2 weeks ago you know that I recently experienced some changes in my body.  I gained some weight (not noticeable to most, but felt different to me).  I didn't weigh myself to make this discover (well until I had to get weighed at the doctor's office recently for a physical), and it's not the number that I gave a shit about, it was that my body just didn't feel the same as I was use to.  Anyways, when I realized this change I had a choice.  I could do a few things.  One, start restriciting food and try to lose weight. Two, start increasing my training frequency and volume.  I could have done either or both, but instead did neither.  I felt no desire to react to this change.  Yes this body change bothered me a bit, but I had no drive to change it through extreme measures.  And for a girl that is used to her body looking a certain way and it being in her control, you'd think I would have been all fired up and a crazy person in the gym and with my eating habits.  But nope the exact opposite happened.  I started to feel unmotivated about training and this totally bummed me out.


You would think weight loss or a desire to have a certain body shape would be a huge motivator in amping up your training and eating habits, but truth is it usually isn't.  And when it is, it's never for the long haul.  Weight loss is not a motivator it's actually a dreaded process.  And I knew that, which is why I felt my desire to train dissipate.  Training to lose weight or change my body felt frustrating and aggravtating to me.  Thinking about training more just to drop a few pounds, inches, etc made me want to throw in the towel.  


Then last night I was thinking before bed and realized, I really don't give a shit about the number on the scale or how my body has changed, I train becuase I LOVE IT! And that's all.  Instantly my motivatation came flooding back into me.  I just wanted to train to train.  I love lifting weights, I love punching, I love jumping, I love training damn it! I don't love working out because I have to or because I am frustrated with my body.  I train because I love my body and it can do some awesome shit!


Excuse all my swearing in this post...I am fired up!


What's my point? Well - motivation comes from within.  At least lasting motivation does.  You cannot use exercise as a punishment for a supposed eating indescretion or because of your current body will never last long term.  You must find what type of movement makes you feel good and do that! Moving, exercising, working out and training are suppose to feel great not like torture! You must learn to listen to your body, take care of it and respect it.  You must train (in whatever form you like) for the LOVE OF TRAINING! This is the ONLY thing that will keep you going for a lifetime.  


Weightloss program are BS, they are just extreme unhealthy short term plans that do more damage then good.  Instead of jumping on the latest weight loss or training program because it promises to give you some dream (aka unrealistic) body, figure out what makes you feel alive and do it.  If you love it you will keep doing it! Yes you will have times when you feel unmotivated and your training slows down (as I said above even athletes experience this) even when it's something you love, but you can ride the wave and will find in no time your drive to do that thing that makes you feel good comes back.  BUT if the only driving force is weight loss you might never find yourself back in the gym, on the track, in the pool, on the court, in the studio, etc because it will feel like a chore and punishment...which equals zero motivation!


Find the courage and strength inside you to STOP buying into all the BS about what healthy is suppose to look like! Foster your intrinisic motivation by allowing your LOVE for training to be your driving force. Maybe you are thinking "Jess, I don't love training"  or "Jess, I don't know what type of training is best for me".  My response... I am guessing you don't love training because you still haven't let go of the diet/weight loss mentality or you have had others push training on you for weight loss reasons or maybe you haven't yet found what makes your body feel good.  So your job is to start letting go of the diet/weight loss mentality, don't let others push their ideas on you, find support from people that are sick of the diet BS too and start experimenting with different activities to find what you love.  


Just remember do it for the LOVE OF TRAINING and nothing less!