Consistency is Key

dark gym1Consistency.  Period.  That is the key to success in ALL areas of your life.  No, change and goal achievement will not happen over night, but it WILL happen if you put in consistent effort for the long haul.  


I often hear students express frustration about the lack of results they are seeing in their bodies. They cannot understand why others seem to be progressing while they are not.  First off, everyone's bodies and genetics are different so do your best to refrain from comparison.  Secondly, everyone's lives and lifestyles are different so again, do not compare yourself to others.  Lastly, examine your personal level of consistency.


Are your expectations of your body and fitness level in line with your consistency? Do you actually train less often than you think you do? Do you ignore your bodies eating cues more than you might think? The unfortuante truth for most of us is we think we are more consistent than we actually are.  


This purpose of this post isn't to make you feel badly about your efforts.  It's simply to give you the chance to get real with yourself and set more realistic expectations.  Once you are honest with yourself and your expectations are in the right place, you can decide what actions to take and the commitment level effort you want to put forth.  


Look every body is a good body.  There are amazingly fit and healthy people in all different shapes, sizes and weights.  Our society has created a delusional ideal of physical perfection that most people cannot achieve (mainly because the ideal is fictional).  So my point isn't to say..."You aren't being consistent enough. If you really want to look better you need to get your act together"...INSTEAD my point is "Decide what is reasonable, doable, realistic and feels good to you and stick with it!" That will make all the difference in the end.  If you consistently put in the effort over time, underneath the surface change is happening.  You might not look like the airbrushed fitness model in the magazines, but you will be stronger, happier and healthier than when you started.


So yes, consistency is the key to sucess in everything we do! Career, relationships, fitness, education, etc.  Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan and Donald Trump didn't get where they are by doing things once in a while, they consistetnly put in effort...daily.  


What can you do each day that brings you closer to the life you dream of? 


If "getting in better shape" is something you want to achieve I encourage to stop looking at your body as your gauge of success...start looking within.  Examine how you feel.  Make daily efforts towards feeling better.  That doesn't mean you have to train beast mode day in and day out.  One day that might mean beast mode training, another day more sleep, and yet another day stretching.  Point is - consistency is something we all need to work on and it will look different for each of us.  Figure out what you want, set realistic expectations, and make consistent efforts! As Nike said best, "Just do it!".