Look back, then look forward...

My favorite part of the "New Year" isn't the fresh start, but rather looking back at the past year to reflect.  It's incredible what can happen in twelve months. Your life can change in one short year! 


I think it's important to reflect on all that you've accomplished, where you went wrong and the path you followed.  You need to take a moment to look at where you've been and where you are at this moment before you plan for the future.  You need to take inventory of your life.  


I am not a huge New Year's Resolution person.  I like to set some business and personal goals, but I don't get too attached to them.  Life is always all ebb and flow and if I follow my bigger vision and purpose my life usually moves forward better than I could imagine.  I tend to set more of an intention verses specific goals.  My intention is to be true to myself and follow my purpose.  That is my guiding light.  All the goals underneath that just fall into place and sometimes change over the course of a year.  


So as we head into 2014, start by taking inventory of 2013 and then ask yourself how do you want to live your life this year? What is your intention, theme or purpose? What things will make your life feel more peaceful, fuller and happier? 


I challenge you to avoid the typical weight loss, financial success, etc type resolutions and really think about what you want! Examine the areas of your life where you feel anxiety, angst, unhappiness and set out to resolve those things and discover what makes you feel great! Dig deep!


I sometimes think the traditional resolutions are a trap.  I want to lose ___ pounds, I want to make ____ salary, etc.  I believe we must think more expansively.  So instead of pounds and dollars, think in terms of lifestyle, health, and happiness.  Sticking to what the media and society wants for us, sets us up for dissapointment, faliure and frustration.  Believe me even if you lose 20lbs, life won't be perfect and if you make 6 figures like isn't perfect either.  Start thinking about what matters.  


I have accomplishment a lot in 2013.  I am very proud of myself.  With the help and support of my Knockouts, family and friends 2013 of has been a great year for me.  I believe that it all has to do with me focusing on being true to myself and trusting myself.  So I am on a mission to do the same in 2014.  I will continue to work on manifesting my vision, growing my business & KO community, and creating a full, happy life.  If I have learned anything this year it's that "anything is possible".  I will keep trucking along, learning, growing, making mistakes, having success and never stopping making my dream a reality.


Coach Jess's 2014 Mission:

  • Organization
  • Focus
  • Trust
  • Being true to myself
  • Step out of comfort zone
  • Balance/harmony
  • Purpose & Passion
  • Self-care
  • Health


What's your personal mission for 2014?