We've come a long way...

imageMy Christmas presents this year came in the form of some amazing experiences, opportunities, and achievements.  As I reflect on 2013 it's truly incredible how far Knockout Women's Boxing Club has come.  I feel like the business and I have come into our own.  Our identity and path has solidfied and things are happening.   

It's amazing what can happen in a year, isn't it? Personally & professionally I have had a great 2013! Finally after 2 years of owning & operating Knockout I feel that we are moving in the right direction.  Every little and big bump in the road has lead me and the business to this path we are now on that can only get better.  What do I credit all of this to, hard work, being true to myself & my vision, taking risks, trusting my intuitiion and forever working on being better.  

About 6 months ago I made some, what seemed like minor, life choices/changes that I now feel catapulted me into this amazing place I find myself now. A major theme of these choices was getting rid of negative and toxic people, things, situations in my life.  It was as if making the decision to not put up with certain things anymore cleared the way for more postiive things. 

I feel like everything has just been falling into place since making these changes.  I strongly believe to get what you want you must do something you've never done.  When I continued putting up with crap I just got more crap, but when I chose to eliminate the BS from my life, the universe responded by giving me great people, experiences and opportunities.  I have had to step outside of my comfort zone and try new things, and while scary the rewards have been priceless.

You often don't realize how seemingly small insignificant choices can transform your life and your world.  I am grateful I found the strength to make the changes I needed to make because I am now at a place personally and professionally that feels right! I wouldn't change my past, it taught valuable lessons that now guide my life through a clearer, healthier eyes. I have become the strong woman I am today because of everything I've been through.

Knockout Women's Boxing Club and I are ready to launch into 2014 full force! We are in the zone right now and things just keep getting better! The business wouldn't be where it is today with out the love, support, and dedication of all my Knockouts and I am forever grateful! Get ready ladies... 2014 is gonna be amazing!

  • New website 
  • Segment on 190 North to air 1/19/14
  • Macy's Promotional Event 12/28/14
  • Great group of sponsors
  • Membership at an all time high
  • New Knockout Apparel
  • Youtube Channel
  • and more!