You get what you are ready for...

To me timing is everything.  You only get what you are ready for.  You can't get great things in your life if you aren't emotionally prepared for them.  It can be a struggle to sit where you are in the current moment and dream about what you want or what could be and have a feeling that it isn't going to happen or isn't happening fast enough.  Being patient is a challenge for most of us.  We want certain things, people, experiences in our lives, but truth is we simply might not be ready yet.


I have recently found this to be true in a few areas of my life.  I have had many ups and downs but always kept faith that everything would work out in the end and it has.  I have always wanted certain things for my personal and professional life, but also was aware that I might not be ready or prepared for what having those things might mean.  So what did that lead to for me? Well two some ways I just kept plugging along and preparing myself for what I wanted and in other ways it was getting the same life lessons over and over until I got it right.


Whether it's a fulfilling relationship, job promotion, new home, business milestone all you can do is work with what you have and keep pushing forward and when you are ready the opportunity will present itself.  Then it's up to you to grab it! Think about it, if you get something great that you aren't ready for...quite honestly it could backfire on you.  Remember slow and steady wins the race.  Everything comes in time.  Yes the cliche quotes just keep flowing.


Now when you think about being prepared for something, it's not just the obvious logistically or financial preparedness, it's the mental and emotional piece.  If you can't handle all that comes along with having what you want, you won't be granted that wish.  Yep that totally sounds new agey but I think it's true.  I think this is where the "be careful what you wish for" quote comes in.  Sometimes we stay stuck were we are because where we want to be is not only unchartered territory that comes with accompanying fear, but also because it may ask more of us...require us to dig deeper and be more.


I have huge visions for Knockout Women's Boxing Club.  I still have a childlike enthusiasm and dream of being able to change the world. There was a time where I felt frustrated that things weren't happening fast enough and I tried to speed up the process and um, yea so that didn't work out as planned.  In the past year, I have slowed down to speed up.  I feel like I know who I am, where I am, what my business is all about, it's structure and what it can currently handle.  I have a flexible plan on how to get where I eventually know I can be.  Now I feel more peace and calm about the timing, process and stage of my business.  I have taken steps and put things in place that nudge me forward vs trying to catapult me further than I or the business can handle.  All this to say... I finally am having another dream come true with the business...we are going to be featured on a cable tv show.  The show 190 North is coming this Friday to do a segment on my business! A year ago I wasn't ready for this, though I so badly wanted tv media exposure, but now both me and the business are ready and the opportunity presented itself.


It crazy how stuff like this happens.  It gives me goosebumps.  I strongly believe when you are around positive people, doing what you are meant to do, working on becoming a better person and doing good in the world...GOOD THINGS HAPPEN! While I realize my impact is small right now, I know that even if this was it for me I have had a positive impact on women around me and that is all that matters.  It's a bonus getting to share my mission with a larger audience.


And peeps this doesn't only happen in work related areas of our lives.  It can happy with relationships, finances and more.  There are other areas of my life this same experience is happening.  I am receiving things in my world that align with what I want and what I am finally ready for.  I don't need gifts around the tree this year...the universe is blessing me with gifts that can change my world!


I hope all of you have had or at some point in your lives get to experience this very thing I am talking about.  The planets just aligning and the timing being right and things happening! Just don't lose faith and be patient.  You get what you are ready for!