The gift of exercise!

I'm not sure I even need to write a full entry this week.  I recently found this blog entry from another blogger that took the words right out of my mouth.  Check out her post here and then come back.
Okay so what did you think? She's on point right?! Well I sure think so!
Ladies look this is what it's all about! This BS about quick fixes, weight loss, something being wrong with your body, and the rest of it is all WRONG! What are we teaching young girls? That they aren't good enough.  Again BS! Strong, healthy bodies come in ALL shapes and sizes. We have to stop this madness!

We spend hours wishing our bodies were different…but why? Are you healthy? Are you strong? Can you pick up a heavy box by yourself? Can you run after your kids? Can you play, move, jump? These are the things that matter! Not your damn dress size!


My body to most people probably always looks the same.  I have a muscular, athletic build.  I have zero clue how much a weigh, though I know my weight fluctuates depending on the type, frequency, and volume of my training.  And  do I sometimes have my moments where I wish my body looked different? Yes, but then I remember what's important…being strong and able! I want to be able to move my body efficiently and mostly pain free (obviously there is some pain/discomfort and things that come with being active) FOREVER! Because of my genetics and training style my body looks a certain way, but that doesn't make my body better or worse than other bodies.  It's mine and unique to me.  I practice loving and respecting my body daily, it's a journey.  As long as I can move my body and feel the power in purposeful movement…all is good!


Being active makes your world expand! You can do more, see more and be more! Exercise makes you feel good physically and mentally.  When we STOP focusing on pounds, inches and sizes and start measuring what really matters…how we feel…being active can improve your life!


As grown women we need to make this paradigm shift and start teaching the younger generation not to listen to the BS! We need to realize all bodies are good bodies and we need to instill in young ladies that exercise is gift.  Moving your body is freeing & empowering.


Why limit ourselves to focusing on body weight, shape or size? Why make our world and reality so small? There is so much more to exercise than what society, media, and the fitness/weight loss industry try to feed you (no pun intended).  Don't fall victim to the marketing hype.  You get to decide what type of movement makes you feel good and alive.  Get empowered and start enjoying the gift of movement! Don't let the BS take it away from you.


Okay off my soapbox now...