Healthy Through the Holidays 6 Week Challenge

Staying healthy through the holidays can be daunting! So we created our Healthy Through the Holidays 6 Week Challenge to give you simple strategies and a plan to make this holiday seasons healthy, happy and stress-free! This challenge is open to members and non-members.   Read More

November Member of the Month: Rachitha

We are so excited to announce that Rachitha is our November Member of the Month! She joined our tribe in August and has made tons of progress over the past three months.  She continues to increase her strength and improve her technique week after week! Rachitha works hard, is consistent and such a pleasure to work with! Please give her a big congrats and read her story below. Read More

Downers Grove Area FREE Fitness Community

On November 1st we are launching our Downers Grove Area FREE Fitness Community! Why?  To continue fulfilling our mission to help as many as people as possible build a healthy lifestyle, get strong, move better and look & feel their best! Our goal is to be the go-to health & fitness resource in the Downers Grove area and surrounding suburbs.   Read More

Training Schedule Updates

Effective Monday 10/24/17! We are consolidating our training hours to create more cohesive training groups.  With slightly fewer start times you will get to train with more of your buddies and experience more energy, support and fun! With the current membership numbers/attendance we need to scale it down slightly to create the best experience possible, but as we grow we will add back start times. Read More

Chase Skill

It's easy to get caught up in chasing numbers.  From pounds on the scale to load in the gym.  Seeing the scale go down and the kettlebells go up is always a great feeling, BUT took much chasing leads to less gains, more injuries and limited success. Read More

October Schedule Updates

We are making a few minor tweaks to the training schedule for October.  Please check it out! Read More

Put Fat Loss Second

Most gyms and fitness professionals will sell you on weight loss and all their magic solutions to your "problem".  I'm going to guess that you've tried at least 5 different weight loss programs in your life and continual see short term results followed by what you deem as failure.  It's a brilliant marketing scheme! Suck you in with false promises and hope, get you doing some unsustainable behaviors that yield fast results, get pumped because you lost a few pounds, then you stop doing the program because no one can keep that up, and you are back to where you started...and you think it's all your fault, so you do another challenge.  Read More

"I'm Kitten Swole Right Meow!" Member of the Month: Josh

We are excited to announce our October member of the month is Josh! He is our a first official guy member and blazing a trial for the future of the gym. He has been busting his butt since August and making so much progress week after week.  Prior to joining ASF, he wasn't into lifting weights or small group training.  Now he is loving it, seeing the results and improving his technique daily! Keep up the great work Josh! Read More

How our 6 Week Challenge will help you!

As I'm sure you've figured out by now we REALLY don't like cookie-cutter, extreme weight loss, BS fitness challenges! The truth is any extreme solution will never work for the long haul.  Yea you might lose a few pounds, but I can almost 100% guarantee whatever you lose won't last.  Why? Because your typical fitness challenge doesn't focus on building sustainable habits or process goals.  Yea building habits isn't as sexy as quick fixes, but if you actually want to change your life and body it's what works.   Read More

The 411 on our 6 Week Challenge

Our Back to Strong 6 Week Challenge is unlike challenges hosted by other gyms! We aren't going to give you a bunch of empty promises and promote unrealistic results.  Instead our mission is to equip you with everything you need to create a healthy lifestyles and the strongest you! Read More