How our 6 Week Challenge will help you!

As I'm sure you've figured out by now we REALLY don't like cookie-cutter, extreme weight loss, BS fitness challenges! The truth is any extreme solution will never work for the long haul.  Yea you might lose a few pounds, but I can almost 100% guarantee whatever you lose won't last.  Why? Because your typical fitness challenge doesn't focus on building sustainable habits or process goals.  Yea building habits isn't as sexy as quick fixes, but if you actually want to change your life and body it's what works.   Read More

The 411 on our 6 Week Challenge

Our Back to Strong 6 Week Challenge is unlike challenges hosted by other gyms! We aren't going to give you a bunch of empty promises and promote unrealistic results.  Instead our mission is to equip you with everything you need to create a healthy lifestyles and the strongest you! Read More

Announcing....Adamas Strength & Fitness

After 6 years of being Knockout, I made the bold decision to completely rebrand my gym.  Four months ago we announced that we opened our training to guys and removed boxing from our offerings, but we still maintained our Knockout name.  As we moved forward with our new gym, community and services we realized our name no longer represented who we are and who we are it was time for a big change. We needed a name and brand that show the world what we are all about! Read More

Labor Day At-Home Workout

We will be closed Saturday 9/2 - Monday 9/4 in observation of Labor Day.  But no worries we won't leave you hanging if you want to get some training in over the holiday week.   Read More

Program Mobility Drills

Here are videos for your mobility drills.  Remember you are in either our hip or shoulder group based on your movement and what will most benefit you.  Please stick with the drills for your group for every workout.   Read More

Labor Day Workout

We are closed for Labor Day, but that doesn't mean you can't get in some training at home.  Here is a simple and effective at home workout. Read More

How to Get the Most out of your Coach

Not everyone has had the opportunity to work with a coach and in turn often aren't sure how to make the most of the experience.  If you have or are seeking a coach here are a few things to embrace to truly get the most out of having a coach: Read More

Back to Strong 6 Week Challenge

We hate quick fixes and fitness challenges that promise unrealistic results.  That's why we created the Back to Strong 6 Week Challenge! Our goal with this challenge is to help you create a healthy lifestyle and begin to experience sustainable results.  By building healthy habits and focusing on the process you can kick start your journey to the best you! Get ready to have fun while getting stronger and healthier! Read More

September Member of the Month: Shanna

We are so excited to announce our girl Shanna is our September member of the month! Shanna has been kicking butt, making tons of progress and deserves a big congrats.  Her kettlebell skills get better and better week after week and she is always focused on perfecting her technique.  We are pumped to see all the gains in store for her in the future! Please take a moment to read her story:  Finding My Strength! Read More

The Magic of Process Goals

In health and fitness we get hung up on outcome goals.  We set weight/fat loss goals, distance goals (5K, marathons), and lifting goals (deadlift my bodyweight).  Outcome goals can be great for some people some of the time, but many of us don't have specific goals and honestly outcome goals often backfire.  Read More