Personalized Strength Training delivered in a fun group setting 

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Over the past 6 years, Coach Jess has helped hundreds of men & women from the Downers Grove/Westmont area discover a realistic and sustainable approach to strength, health, and happiness.


Enjoy a new menu of fun workouts every four weeks that are the perfect blend of strength training, mobility, cardio and camaraderie so you can achieve results and actually enjoy going to the gym!
All skill levels welcome!


Coach Jess delivers unmatched hands-on attention to ensure your sessions are safe & effective.  We are like Cheers...we know your name and will have your kettlebell waiting for you!
Our goal is to build you up!


When you join ASF, our perfectly imperfect community gives you the support and accountability you need to make lasting changes! Everyone is on the same journey to be their best! Our members are fun, friendly, real people! 
No gym-timidation!


Coach Jess has shown me how strong I am, and is providing me with the tools to get even stronger.

-Josh (from Darien), Member since 2017

What makes Adamas so different?

When it comes to getting in shape there is a lot of BS out there in the fitness industry that leaves people lost and confused about where to start and what to do.  On top of that traditional gyms and fitness programs are intimidating and not designed to help the average person be successful.   I too often we hear people say the gym isn't for them.  I’m on a mission to put an end to all of that.  I want to show you fitness is for you! You deserve the opportunity to show yourself how strong and awesome you are.  You deserve a coach that cares, understands and will guide you on a safe, effective path of long term success!

Maybe you are overweight and frustrated.  You've tried everything and nothing has worked.  Maybe you're in danger of serious health issues and that scares the crap out of you.  Maybe you have kids and your not as healthy and active as you'd like to be for them.  Maybe you just want to look in the mirror and feel better about yourself.  Maybe you just want your confidence back! You aren't alone and we're here to help.

When you become a member, you will:

1.  Learn a proven training formula that will make exercise fun, effective and a long-term part of your life without having to spend hours in the gym or go on a restrictive diet.

2.  Get the individualized coaching you need to know exactly what YOU should be doing and when you should progress.  No more guesswork.

3.  Become part of a community of people on the same journey as you providing you with support, accountability and inspiration.  Everyday people working together to be their best!

Whether you ever step foot in my facility or not I want to support you in your journey to get fit, healthy and strong! For those wanting a taste of our training and community you can click here to join our FREE Fitness Community.  If you looking for the full in-person experience and ready to kick-start your fitness with us click the button below!